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Reliable roofing service since 1987. We operate in and around Dublin & all surrounding areas. All our work is insurance backed and we provide a full guarantee also!

Our Services

New Roofs

We are proven specialists when it comes to roofing. We have the necessary skills, expertise & experience to be able to handle any roofing job whether it be pitched roof or flat roof, big or small.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are becoming ever more popular throughout the country. Whilst build options are becoming more reliable you still want to ensure you choose a team that is reliable. We have a proven track record of just that!

Roof Repairs

Pitched roof repairs, flat roof repairs, minor roof repairs or major roof repairs, you can be rest assured we have the manpower to deal with any roof repair required whilst providing you with the most competitive prices.

Roof Survey

Whether you need a visual, extended camera, drone, thermal roof inspection or even a moisture probe, we have have the skills and tools to carry out any survey required.

Soffits & Fascia’s

Soffits & Fascia’s can become worn over time or even damaged, we and install new soffits & fascia’s or even provide repairs. We can also deal with tilt and slide windows, broken glass, steamed glass, letterboxes, gaskets and much more!

Tile & Slates

The weather can be brutal on our slates and tiles at times, strong winds can blow them off too. Worry not, we can get up the assess the damage and get everything repaired for you. We take emergency callouts too so give us a call now!


Your gutters can become clogged and blocked over time, ice can freeze up in them or they get filled with dirt and soil but that’s okay, it’s normal and happens to everyone. What’s not normal is when the water starts dripping and causing damp or damage to your external walls so give us a call today and we can repair and clean your guttering or completely replace if need being.


Whether your chimney needs cleaning, repairing, re-moving or just is really run down and needs re-building all together we have the craftsmanship to handle one of the most delicate parts of your precious home! Call us today and lets discuss what it is we can do to help you.

Garage & Porch Roofs

Garage & Porch roofs are easily damaged in serious and aggressive weather conditions and the last thing you want is for anything to be falling through, blocking your house entrance, it’s certainly not pretty to look at, and most of all, you don’t want it falling through on your car. If you notice anything wrong at all, even a tiny leak its best to get seen to right away, so give us a call now!

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